Saturday, October 20, 2012

Cincinnati Half Marathon

I did my first half marathon without TIm today.  My solo effort had my nerves on edge, as Tim is the one who always works out driving directions, parking, and departure time. The races started at Sawyer Point which is an area that I am only slightly familiar. Thanks to NancyBarbara, my trusty GPS I arrived successfully!  The races sells itself as a low key no frills event and I would say that is exactly true. The course was pretty cool, running around downtown Cincinnati.  I have never been around Paul  Brown Stadium  so  it was a sight seeing adventure!  I started out probably faster than I should have, but was feeling good.  The temperature at the start was pretty nice and  pretty soon I had worked up a good sweat. The first 9.5miles of the race were pretty I eventful, and then it started to drizzle and the wind really picked up!  At this point I was on the stretch that runs along the Ohio River  and was hating every second of the breeze. By mile 10 I was shivering cold and wet. It wasn't supposed to rain!  Here is where I fall apart.  I hadn't been running more than twice a week, so I was a little undertrained but had been getting in a weekly long run, so I knew that I could go the distance.  Unfortunately the cold rain made my legs cramp, BAD!  My quads, calves, and hamstrings were cramping, in both legs!  Every step was painful!  I started feeling sorry for myself and putting on a little pity party, which resulted in not taking full breathes and causing dizziness!  Not one of my brighter moves!  I gave myself permission to walk the rest of the race with the coal of moving slow, breathing deep, and being thankful for the ability to be able to finish!  I finished, slow and steady.  My legs feel really beat up and sore. I dread what they will feel like tomorrow!  I have no pic of me because all I wanted to do was get in the car and get warm!