Sunday, May 20, 2012

Deb & Tim are riding in the Tour de Cure

Tim and I will be doing a century ( 100 mile ) ride on June 30th. My goal is to raise $150 to support the American Diabetes Association. I am a teacher and work at a school where we have insulin dependent diabetic students. The two diabetic students that I have had are amazing children! They have the strength and courage of 10 adults! I will be doing this ride in their honor. You must know that putting ones behind on a bike seat for 100 miles isn't easy, nor is living with diabetes. When I want to quit or am uncomfortable on the bike, I will focus on the strength that I have seen in these children. They really are amazing! If you can help support this cause, here is my fundraising link. Here are the workout totals so far. Run - 50.6, bike - 153, swim - 2.5. Wow, I really need to get those bike miles up!! My goals are: run 125, bike 1000, and swim 2.5. I'll be focusing on bike for the next few weeks. I love to ride my bike! Nothing soothes the mind like a nice peaceful - bird free - bike ride.

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  1. The birds were kinda circling above me today. I was waiting for at attack but none came, thankfully.