Sunday, April 7, 2013

Guess Who Got Engaged! !!

I have A Lot that I could write about on the lupus front, but I have more exciting news!  Tim and I are officially engaged!  I wouldn't be a true female if I didn't write a blog about, so here goes.

( I can't even think about this, without my eyes leaking.  Don't worry the leak isn't a side effect of lupus, but rather my way of saying tears are falling.  All Happy!  )

One of my Christmas Gifts from Tim was a Spring Break trip to Las Vegas!  On our first day of the trip we toured Hoover Dam and then drove to Arizona to participate in a trail race. The views at the dam and on the drive to Arizona were amazing!  The trail race was just beautiful!  It never fails that during every race I am shocked and amazed at how fortunate I am to be competing in such an event!  This race was no exception, as it was a true butt kicker!  This was the perfect way to start the day that we would get engaged.

So, getting to the point of this post... We finished the race and cleaned up a bit and then set off  to drive back to Las Vegas via Sedona, Arizona for some sight seeing.  We stopped at an area called Bell Rock Vista to take a little hike.  The views in his area were just beautiful!  Tim got a little back pack out of the car to take on our hike and he wouldn't let me look at it.  I did think that it was odd, but had NO IDEA what was coming.  We hiked out a bit  until Tim found a nice spot to sit.  He asked me to sit on the rock and made me close my eyes while he got it ready.  He got out a little Pooh bear and told me to open my eyes.  ( If you know me, you know that I love Pooh!)  Tim was holding the left arm of the Pooh and said to me, " You can only have him if you promise to marry me."  He then let Pooh's arm go to display the most beautiful ring!  I HAD ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA HE WAS GOING TO PROPOSE!   My answer, without hesitation, was YES!  This was one of the most romantic, beautiful , special experiences of my life!  It was like something out of a Hallmark movie!  Here is our engagement pictue, note we have on our matching race shirts.

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