Thursday, May 14, 2009

Boston Marathon 2009

Tim ran in the Boston Marathon last month. He wrote a blog about our Boston visit, and you can see his blog here:

I have to mention some of the incredible athletes that I saw in this race. First, I should mention that not just anyone can run in the Boston Marathon. You have to complete another qualifying marathon with a qualifying time, in order to participate in the Boston Marathon. Tim runs at about double my pace, so I think he is fast! When we saw the elite men and women runners run past us, my mouth had to be hanging wide open! These men and women make running look so effortless. We saw them at mile 10 and they looked like they were out for a Sunday stroll. It was amazing! I got a good shot of Ryan Hall as he cruised past me. In my mind he stopped and asked to kiss my cheek, saying that the Wesley College girls couldn't hold a candle to me. Check out this really neat video of Ryan Hall In it he explains why he loves running. It explains why his running looks so effortless. In a way I share his feelings. Although I don't run like he does, just the fact that I am able to run is amazing to me.
If you were wondering, I really did have an athlete stop and kiss me!

Okay, now for the athletes that I stole my heart. These men are amazing! The first picture speaks for itself! What amazing human spirit! The picture on the right is the father and son team known as," The Hoyts." This was their 1,000th race. You should take a minute to read about them.

Competing in the Boston Marathon I saw: a double amputee, a single amputee, a blind man, Team Hoyt, numerous wheelchair participants, and a man pulling a cart with oxygen tanks attached! This is only what was visible. I am sure there were many other athletes who had triumphed and were fighting an endless list of physical challenges. Congratulations to every one of them! It brings tears to my eyes to think about how courageous they are.

I wrote in my last blog that I believe one of the gifts of my lupus is the ability to see kindness and strength in others. These athletes inspire me to keep moving. My mother told me to always be sure to make myself get out and do things when I thought that I could because there would likely be days that I just couldn't make myself get motivated to move. I wonder if my mother knew just how powerful her words were. I wonder if these athletes' mothers gave them the same advice?

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