Sunday, April 15, 2012

Recovery Week With Few Miles

In the last month I have done two things that I am very proud of: 1. I ran 20 miles. 2. I ran the Hawkeye 25k Race Course. I wasn't sore at all after the 20 miles, but was REALLY feeling the pain after the 25k. If you are doing the math real quick on your fingers, ( I teach 2nd graders so find finger counting perfectly acceptable) 20 miles is more than a 15K. The 15K was on trails and had some hills, thus the difference. I always joke by telling Tim, "Deb loves hills." Nothing could be further from the truth, but maybe some day I will convince myself! As a result of this pain, I had very low milage this week. I had 1.5 miles in swim, 0 on the bike - sorry Betty ( Betty White is the name of my bike - remember I teach 2nd graders - I am full of names and sayings) and 25.5 miles of running.

My totals are: swim 1.5, bike 27.3, and run 25.5. My goals before the start of next school year are: 25 miles of swimming, 125 miles of running, and 1,000 miles on Betty.

On the lupus front, I have an appointment with the urologist this week. I am having some issues that I believe are lupus related. I always wonder if I should just come out and tell the doctor what I think the problem is, or give them the info and wait for them to tell me. I had a primary care physician who loved it when I would come for a visit because we had a deal worked out that I wouldn't tell him what I thought, just symptoms and then we would compare our answers. We often had the same answers. I miss him, he took a job as a hospital administrator. I'm thinking that I will probably tell the doc what I think is going on, since I have read that it is common among women with lupus. Lucky me!

Actually, I am lucky to be alive to be experiencing this, so I won't complain!


  1. You are so inspiring, Deb!!! When I want to just lay around and be gloomy, I should pull up this post! Thank you!!! And keep up the great work!

  2. The Hawkeye 25K is a tough course. Well done!