Sunday, April 29, 2012

But, I Feel Fine!

This week started off with a surprise. I had done my yearly 24 hour urine collection for my kidney doctor and had to drop it off at the hospital early Monday morning. Let me pause for a moment to tell you how FUN it is to have to collect every little drop for 24 hours.... ugh! I know, I should just be thankful that I am alive for another 24 hours.. okay - back to the story. The blood draw was pretty routine and I headed off to work. The doctors office called me within a few hours to see if I was, "Feeling better?" This was a shock because I didn't know that I was feeling bad! The nurse informed me that my blood sugar level was 45! Story break for informational purposes - Normal level would be 65 - 99. Okay - after reading about symptoms and normal levels and talking to some health care professionals, I have my doubts that this was a true reading. I felt fine, actually good. Another odd tidbit, I had fasting blood work done 3 days previous and my level was 72! The story gets better. This is the same doctor that called me last year at work and told me that my potassium levels were extremely high, and that I needed to go to the ER IMMEDIATELY, as I was in danger of having a heart attack! That news was enough to make me have a heart attack! ( I followed doctors orders and upon recheck was fine! ) Back to the nurse - she told me that IF, "I was concerned about this, that I could call my PCP." WTH... IF I WAS CONCERNED? Then she proceeded to tell me that the next reason for her call was to cancel my appt. I'm guessing that she wasn't too concerned about my kidneys either, as she wanted to reschedule my appt. for July. I proceeded to visit with Dr. Google and found that hypoglycemia can be a side effect of my lupus medication, so I called my lupus doc and left a message. Her nurse called me back and told me, " She doesn't think your medication would do that." OMG IS THIS ALL A JOKE? Tim and I both had found this connection, but she didn't think so ? SSSSOOOO, I told her that I was seeing my PCP next week or did she think that I needed to see if I could get in sooner... she didn't answer! I still feel fine and have felt fine, so I guess I'll drop this in my PCP's lap when I see her later this week... WEIRD I SAY... WEIRD! Okay... time for the numbers... this week I ran 14.1 miles, biked 16.5 and swimming 1. This brings my totals to: Run 37.6, bike 69.1, and swim 3. My goals are: run 125 miles, bike 1,000 miles, and swim 25 miles. I did them all in order this week! Have a great week!


  1. I am about to starting the prereqs for nursing and I think these doctors are WHACK! Anywho, I am trying to save moolah, but I might be visiting the Y more often once I am finished with Amazon, which will be on May 12. Wheee! Like reading ze blog. Hope everything REALLY IS ok! :)