Friday, April 6, 2012

My Spring / Summer Goal

I'm dusting off the blog and going to use it for some goal setting. I like to swim, run, and bike.. so here are some goals: Between now and the start of the 2012 - 13 school year I want to: Swim 25 miles, run 125 miles, and bike 1,000 miles! I have done two bike rides this week totaling 27.3 miles.


  1. SWIM!!! I want to be a part of that swim! I'm so glad that you were able to face this huge obstacle and come out on the other side healthier, more positive and VERY alive. For me, it gave me a second round of friendship with you! :) Happy Easter and I will hopefully be seeing you again soon for some workouts. Off to Amazon now for my overnight shift. :)

  2. You're such an inspiration, Deb!

  3. 4/6 - 1 mile swim. My first in under 1 hour! 57:51 !! :o)

  4. 4/7 - 15.5 mile run. Hawkeye 25k course

  5. Hi! I was so happy to find this Blog and to see that it has been recently commented upon. I have Discoid Lupus and I am experiencing a few SLE reported symptoms. I used to run 4 days a week (20-23miles total), bike, do water aerobics, a spin class and occassional Yoga Classes. Well since my diagnosis (Feb. 2011) I have only ran a little over a dozen times in 2012 and it is currently early April. The only med I currently take is 5mg of Norvasc for my circulation. My biggest problem is the LACK of energy! I am EXAUSTED most of the day and when I do feel as though I can run, I am at work or have other important errands that can not be neglected. Before my diagnosis, I worked a full time job, a part time job and still was able to squeeze in physical excercise 6 days a week. PLEASE DON'T ASK ME ABOUT WEIGHT GAIN! I will start crying uncontrollably! I am 49 yrs old and 2 yrs TAH-BSO post-op so that just complicates matters! I feel like a prisoner in my body as life passes me by......I'll just stop now as writing this is too depressing. Thanks for your posting and good luck with your training.

    P.S. Making me more anxious is the fact my so-called Warrior Weekend is next month and at the point, I won't be able to participate in either sport.
    Last weekend in May: Saturday Solider Field 10mile Race; Sunday Bike the Drive (Lake Shore Drive) 30mile and Monday (Memorial Day) Neighborhood Ridge Run 10k.
    Not to mention, I am registered for my normal half marathons, etc BECAUSE I still had the energy during early registeration (greatest prices)Last fall!

    1. Jewell - You are tough! I have learned that for the best results, I have to be my own best doctor. I went through many years of having NO energy. I started very slowly and worked my way up to more activity. By slow, I mean slow and short. Maybe a 15 minute walk every other day. I'm lucky in that my lupus seems to like activity. If I'm in a lot of pain or something just isn't right, I question my doctor. We pay them a lot of money to take care of us, so make them work for your money. As much as I have HATED prednisone, it really helps me when I'm at my worst. I will ask my doctor if she thinks that prednisone would benefit me, if she doesn't suggest something to help me. I also fired a doctor who I didn't think was a good fit for me and moved on to better fit.

      I also must say that I don't do anything fast! I'm slow and that's okay with me because at least I am moving. There was a time with my lupus that I couldn't walk up the steps in my own house without having to stop for a rest.

      Wishing you well.